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About us


Bonitalia Wines began ten years ago when my family was living in Italy. As we celebrated many times with friends involved in the wine market, we felt compelled to bring into our lives this exciting world of wines. Our goal is to spread this Italian passion into people’s homes, with fine wines and pleasant moments. We found the true meaning of life. All these makes us remember each region in Italy where our relatives worked so hard in the past, to keep this passion alive. Through these years we started to understand all the details that made Italy one of the most popular countries in the world for food and spirits. This GRAND PASSION makes the world a better place.


Our wine selection starts with the perfect cluster of grapes that comes from the best regions in Italy. By then, we had already found out that the world of wines couldn’t be only a business, because is much more than that, it’s a life style that we choose every day. A wine bottle holds the power to enrich every moment of life; from a beautiful wedding, to a simple celebration in family, as we come back home from work. We simply love to celebrate life. It’s exactly this love that brought us here today to share our life experience with you, by bringing the best and most savor wines expecting you to enjoy it, as much as we have with friends and family.


Bonissoni Family

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To consider the history of wine in Italy is to consider the history of Italy itself. Wine and Italian civilization are practically synonymous. The ancient Greeks already knew the importance of viticulture in the peninsula when they named the region "Land of Wines". Usually Italy exports more wines than any other country in Europe, and sometimes even produces over 60 million hectoliters in a year. 


Vineyards are grown in virtually every region of the Italian peninsula, from the northern Alps to the islands near Africa. Viticulture is rooted in the national consciousness, in your imagination and in your daily life. Until the 1980s it was inconceivable for an Italian to sit down to eat without a wine at the table.

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Cantina Girardi | Prosecco

Region: Treviso, Valdobbiadene

The company was founded in 1925 by Martino Girardi, who bought the first vineyard in the territory of Valdobbiadene, land of Prosecco. Their philosophy is high quality in the name of tradition, which is expressed in the attentive care of the vineyards and the winemaking processes.

L'Astemia Pentita | Barolo

Region: Barolo, Piedmont

L’’Astemia Pentita arises where the ridge of the Cannubi area, that is among the most precious cru of the area, starts climbing towards the village of Barolo.

Valvirginio | Tuscany

Region: Valvirginio, Tuscany

By implementing a policy of always pointing to the high quality with the right price for the consumer, with a hint of pride the Cooperative stands as the world’ s first manufacturer of chianti. 

Born with Cannuni mountain, among the best raw in the area, start rising to Barolo's Village




You wonder which wine to choose to harmonize with the dish you will taste? This task often brings many doubts. So we have prepared a practical guide with label suggestions to help you.


Remember that there are no definite rules for harmonization, as the aroma, taste and texture variables of wines and dishes are many. But it is possible to follow some basic principles, always seeking the balance between the elements. The main one is to combine wines and recipes with the same body, is a light fish should never be harmonized with a full-bodied red, for example.

To learn more, keep an eye on our suggestions, choose your wines and enjoy your appetite!


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